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Our Philosophy

In order to perpetuate the ideals of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® we must continue to expand our sisterhood and implement our programs of service to mankind.  Each new leaf along the “Ivy Vine” symbolizes the growth pattern of this great sisterhood.

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How We Began

During the December regular meeting of Theta Mu Omega Chapter, many members spoke of the rapid growth in membership of the Chapter.  The frequency of this statement caught the attention of many members.  On December 6, 1977, a group of four very active members of Theta Mu Omega, Mary K. Guinn, Joan B. McBride, M. Doris Rose, and Willie B. Sanford met to discuss the feasibility and assets of establishing a third Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha in the Los Angeles County area.


From that date on, every effort was exerted by the members to reclaim members and to encourage financial members who were less involved in Chapter activities to become. Many liked the idea and became involved.


Eugenia Scott, National Financial Director and a member of Theta Mu Omega, met with the group to discuss the positive aspects of establishing a second Chapter in the city of Inglewood.  Frequent calls and correspondence were made to Mildred Robinson, Far Western Regional Director, to ascertain the correctness of the steps in preparation of the group for Chapter status.


An organizational meeting was scheduled for January 6, 1978.Twenty-five members met and selected as their name Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha.At this meeting, Mary K. Guinn was elected as President and named committees which would complete the By-laws and other needs.The first officers elected were:, Vice-President; , Secretary; , Corresponding Secretary; , Financial Secretary; , Treasurer; , Historian and Reporter; , Parliamentarian.


Many activities were planned in support of the Chapter’s proposed program.Rummage sales and a raffle were the first fundraisers.Regular meetings were scheduled for each first and third Sunday of the month.Mildred Robinson, Far Western Regional Director made her official visit to the group in March 1978.Many study sessions were held to inform members of the new rules and procedures of the Sorority.


Those members active with Theta Mu Omega Chapter continued their support and remained active in all endeavors.During this time, Willie Sanford was Treasurer and Mary K. Guinn was Co-Chairman for Ways and Means Committee along with M. Doris Rose as a member. Joan McBride was Co-Chairman for the Social Committee in Theta Mu Omega.


May came and many members were off to Seattle, WA for the Far Western Regional Conference.  LOAKA members attending were:  Lois Doster, Mary Guinn, Willie Sanford, and Arcelle Thomas.


As they returned to Los Angeles, their dreams had become a reality.  The proposed date for chartering, May 21, 1978, had been accepted.  Added joys swept through the group as they anticipated the Chapter name. 


LOAKA became MU BETA OMEGA, May 21, 1978, 8:30 a.m. at the Airport Park Hotel, Inglewood, California.  The Chartering Ceremony was most inspiring as Mildred Robinson, Far Western Regional Director, and 18th International President, Mattelia B. Grays, conducted the ceremony.  Thirty-three members were a part of this Chartering Ceremony and became Charter Members of MU BETA OMEGA Chapter.




Carrye Baker                          Audrey Hebert               Dorothy Redd

Ruby J. Carmouche                 Janice H. Hickerson        M. Doris Rose

Ernesdyne Dave                      Patricia A. Kirk              Beverly Russell

Lois J. Doster                          Mildred V. Lewis           Willie B. Sanford

Kattie Gaspard                        Lorene Lucas                 Phyllis R. Smith

Mary K. Guinn                        Joan B. McBride            Sandra Yvette Smith

Jewel M. Gunter                      Willa McMichael           Arcelle Thomas

Karen D. Hammond                 Vera Moffett                  Carolyn M. Thomas

Charlotte M. Harris                  Bobbie Moore                Thelma Williams

Cynthia Harris                        Willie Oliver                  Edna Wilson

Rosa B. Harris                        Eleanor Peterson            Betty Woods


From the Chapter’s inception, it has always developed programs to implement all of the National Program targets throughout the years.  Some of the program activities included: Cultural Enrichment-Phase I for elementary school girls; Cultural Enrichment-Phase II for secondary school girls; Cultural Projects; Reading Programs; Harry A. Mier Crippled Childrens Center involving seasonal activities; Job Corps Christmas parties at local center; NAACP; Urban League; March of Dimes; National Council for Negro Women.  The Chapter sought to address itself to Health Care by providing monthly Free clinics (NIP) for immunization at a county health site that needed revitalization in the community. 


Other major programs of service were AKA Coat Day, AKA Day at the State Capital, Alpha Women Investors, Educational Advancement Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Health and HIV Training, MacLaren Children’s Center, ML King, Jr. Day of Service, Programs in Math & Science, Project ON TRACK, Senior Citizens “Showers of Love”, SID Education, Voter Registration Drives, Women’s History Book Drive and Hygiene Kits for Veterans.


As its first major fundraiser to support many of the programs of service, Mu Beta Omega Chapter selected a Fall Debutante Ball that continued for many years.  Other successful fundraisers included fashion shows, Women’s history honoree luncheons, and jazz entertainment.

As outlined in the preamble to AKA’s constitution, the charge is the same today as it was when Mu Beta Omega Chapter was organized in 1978, “to cultivate and encourage high scholastic an ethical standards, improve the social stature of the race, promote unity and friendship among college women, and keep alive within graduates an interest in college life and progressive movement emanating therefrom.”

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