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Jackie Sims


"Never be afraid to get into good trouble, necessary trouble." - John Lewis


Jackie Sims

What was the date of your initiation?

April 11, 2015

What was your initiation chapter?

Mu Beta Omega

From what college did you graduate?

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

What is your highest academic degree?


What is your highest professional credential?


What is your Soror status?

None yet

Who is/are the Soror-Mentor(s) that supported you?

Soror Alice Grigsby

What is your current (or former) occupation?


What's your favorite hobby or what you like to do in your spare time?

Travel and Walking on Beach

What's your favorite quote?

"Never be afraid to get into good trouble, necessary trouble." - John Lewis

What special skills do you possess that you are willing to share with the Chapter?

Leadership, organization, budgeting,

When is your birthday?


Are you Legacy?


What anniversary do you want us to celebrate?


What is 1 item on your life's bucket list?

Drive across country (southern route)

Recommend your top 2 favorite Black-owned businesses.

My hair stylist. Tammy Fowler 562-805-6760.

What's the best book you read that you recommend everyone should read?

A Long Walk to Freedom - Nelson Mandela

What's your favorite movie?

ET and Color Purple

What's your favorite song?

Deliver Me (This is My Exodus) - Donald Lawrence and Le'Andria Johnson. But most recently feeling "Losing is the Brand New Winning" by RuPaul Drag QUeensnce and

Oprah Winfrey likes to share, "What I know for sure.." What do  YOU know for sure that you want to share?

I should never give up but definitely take breaks.

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